January 8, 2007

We're Management?

Random snippets of conversation spoken during our annual budget meeting.

"Ha. You said unit."

"What was he choking on?"

"The clip off his pen."
"Does anyone know the Heimlich maneuver?"
"He doesn't need the Heimlich. He was coughing, so he's still breathing."
"Well, if he doesn't come back in 5 minutes, we can go see if he died."

"Would that postpone the meeting?"

"That's because guys use their dooflinkies to measure things with."

"Okay, but we're not going to call you Papa-san."

"Just a minute, I'll look at my thing."
"Will you look at my thing?"

"I don't think the Virgin Mary's boobies were that big."

"You know sometimes you're a really smart guy."
"And other times you choke on a pen clip."

"Can I dress like a dominatrix when I do that?"

"So we get to keep the funnoodles?"

We're mature, huh?


  1. Wow sounds like an intresting office. At on of my offices you can't say crap with out the wrath of HR comming down on you like the Angel of Death. And the other is so loose lipped I'm waiting for a lawsuite.

  2. BD - At out office I AM HR. Its' a small office, and we're all heathens.

  3. "Just a minute, I'll look at my thing."
    "Will you look at my thing?"

    Overheard at my office years ago:
    Woman handing out copies of something on green paper: "Do you have a green thing?"
    Randy old sod: "My thing has been green for years, dear."

  4. R- Hahaha. I just love immature humor.

    Thanks for stopping by!