January 6, 2007

Jesus Spotted!

That Jesus Sho' Gets Around

I am thrilled to bring you my first reader-submitted photo of a Jesus sighting. This time the image of Big J appeared in the grain of a countertop amid vodka-filled sippee cups. This means that JC has graduated from wine to vodka. Gin can't be far behind. Isn't it amazing how Jesus in his bobble-headed righteousness appears to be 3-D? It's like he's rising straight out of the countertop. Oh, that's right...the ascension thing. I keep forgetting. This sure as heck beats Jesus on a sandwich. Thank you
Eeeeekkk for sending this in. You really should read Eeeeekkk's blog. And if I ever get around to putting a "Blogs I Like" list on my sidebar, his will be one of them. Also, when you read the word "Eeeeekkk" you should do it in the highest voice possible. It amuses me. I'm sure it will do the same for you.

Jesus has also been spotted on the wall of a train platform in Sydney. Are those black wings on the saviour? And what the hell happened to his neck? It's disappeared. Did someone steal Jesus' neck? How come no matter where I go in the room the eyes are following me?
I guess this picture proves that Jesus was built like a brick...wall. He's a brick house. He's mighty, mighty. Just lettin' it all hang out.


  1. Intesting Posting and Profile...Hehe..Evil Stepmother.

    I seen a coffee spill that resembled an image of Jesus, it was way to creepy. But definatly a fluk of nature. It was on a Indain Reserve here in Saskatchewan and my aunt, a Pator. Went to go investigate this clam along with 2 other Clergymen for other Demoninations.


  2. I investigated a clam once. But I'm not very comfortable talking about it.

  3. News - interesting comment.

    BigDaddy - I'm guessing you have no picture of Caffeinated Jesus, do you.

    Fwig - I know it's a sore subject, but I have to know if you found a pearl.

    Do you think anyone's found Jesus in a clam?

  4. Oh man, now I want a Jesus bobblehead.

    Found you through FMD...

  5. Kathleen - Glad you found your way here. I think a Jesus bobblehead would look smashing on your dash right next to a hula girl. Even better would be Hula Jesus. I think he could pull off a grass skirt.

  6. While I'd love to hog the glory for thinking up the Jesus Bobblehead, I'm afraid credit must go to Kevin Smith in his film Dogma. This little bugger stands on my desk next to the bobblehead of Superman. Why? Because they're my two favorite fictional characters.

    But if you'd like to be as cool as me, you can get your very own Buddy Christ at the page below:


  7. Unfortunalty the elders decided not to allow anyone to photograph it because they did not want the attention that comes along with it. They are a very outsider free Reserve. The last I heard the chunk of carpet is saved and put away at the Band Office.