January 16, 2007

Two for One Special

What's this? Two Flumadiddles in one day? Yes, but only because of late-breaking Jesus news. That's right.

That Jesus Sho' Gets Around

Sighting #1

Jesus doesn't just save us humans from eternal damnation and hellfire. No siree, Bob. The man-god of Christianity is now saving puppies. Two unruly dogs in California were saved from being kicked to the curb by their owners when none other than JC himself was spotted in the dirt on the doggie door. You can go here to see the video of the pooch-loving saviour. So, Jesus, why the long face and what is up with the profuse eyelashes you've got going on your left eye? Are you trying out your "emo, yet flirty" look, 'cause if so, it's so not working for you.

Sighting #2

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you in the shower? Well, guess what? It could be Jesus! Nick Polgardi found Jesus graffiti on the tile of his shower. And, we all know that when Jesus graffiti is found, the lord can't be far behind. Here see for yourself. Okay, so it could spell Jessie, or Jessica. Maybe even Jesuit, but it's close enough to Jesus for me. The only thing that's missing is the "wuz here".

Take Care,


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  2. I don't think my siting will be as amazing as Jesus' face scratched into the dirt of our dog house (mainly becuase we don't have a dog) but you'll be the first person I tell...after I call the newspapers of course. Gotta get that fame in...hmmz...maybe i'll see an image in my newly vaccuumed rug, or the leftover spaghetti sauce from my dinner.

    You never know when that Jesus will just pop up and show you how amazing he is! *please note the sarcasm*

  3. OH



    You're gonna be the death of me. Just picked myself up off the floor. Your banner. That's jesus' head isn't it? On a fish? I don't know how I missed it before! Oh god, I've busted a rib I think...

    Hey -- how come you stopped writing about your husband's penis?

    ahuektkx (Gazunheit)

  4. Anonymous - Yeah, the stacks. Thanks!

    BTS - I think Jesus in spaghetti sauce would be quite lovely. And the sarcasm was duly noted and appreciated.

    Fwig - It's a Jesus Flounder - just my little version of the oh so popular Jesus fish.

    I promise that I will post soon about my husband's penis. Maybe even in the form of a poem.

  5. I particulary like Nick's article when he writes about 'religious residue'. Is that the kind that sticks with you even after a good scrubbin. And I think he should make his bathroom a holy shrine, it already has a throne.

  6. If you scroll u really quitely and if you really want to see it I think you might. :)

  7. Do you spend your day trawling the Internet looking for crackpots who see Jesus everywhere they look? Because I don't find Jesus stories quite so readily. Of course, now that I've found you, I don't have to worry, because you'll keep me posted. Have you considered Blessed Virgin sightings as well?

    BTW, I wanted to tell you that I loved your movie choices in your profile. I decided years ago that I could not be friends with someone if they didn't like The Princess Bride.

  8. Carla - I have a lot of religious residue from my childhood and it's damn near impossible to get off.

    Kathleen - I don't know what it is...I just seem to attract odd religious news. I have thought of posting findings of the Virgin Mary. Now, I may just have to go through with it. I'm seriously considering starting a website just for "miraculous" sightings.

    I think it's a woman's duty to watch The Princess Bride - multiple times.

  9. I LOVE the Princess Bride, it is my ABSOLUTE favorite movie of all time. How did I not discover this about you? It really pays to read ALL the words.

  10. Carla - It's hidden in my profile along with all my other dark secrets. Or something like that.