January 6, 2007

My Response to The "Professor"

I received an absolutely riveting comment on my last post from UNC-Professor. He has an equally riveting blog. I'm not going to post the whole comment because it quite possibly reaches record proportions for comment posting. Seriously.

The beginning of his composition began with this.

"You have a riveting web log and undoubtedly must have atypical & quiescent potential for your intended readership.May I suggest that you do everything in your power to honor your encyclopedic/omniscient Designer/Architect as well as your revering audience."

This engrossing drivel continued, and then he posted about 40 quotes from famous people and then added a list of 30 blogs that I might want to read. He then concluded with this:

"Only one of these is amalgamated with me - can you determine which one??? Tell me sometime what your thoughts are about all this:O) "

At first I wasn't going to respond to the "Professor", because I didn't consider it worth my time. But I changed my mind. So, here is my response.

Dearest Verbose "Professor",

To begin, I hope you read the other comments under yours, because my homies got my back, dawg. That's right. Eeeeekkk and Fwig - how can I ever thank you for such eloquent responses to such pious babbling?

"Professor", if you feel the need to bow and worship to a religion and all it entails, you have that right. However, I have chosen to free myself from all binds of religion. That is my right.

Religion is superstition wrapped in fear, and serves no purpose to man other than making him a slave to the rigors of trying to maintain a level of piety and devotion to unknown entities. It breeds arrogance and pretentiousness that is cloaked by a false humility. It gives birth to martyrs who cry out that they are oppressed, who then turn and oppress those who do not make choices that they are in agreement with. It strips a person of their dignity and intelligence and leaves them devoid of the true beauty of this life. It creates prejudices and injustices, wars and hatred.

Religion reaches into our communities and separates them. It pits man against man in the hopes that our right of living how we see best for ourselves is placed conveniently in the nearest waste heap.

It brings a supposition of an afterlife which causes its followers to abandon any protection of our earth. Instead Earth is looked upon as a disposable stopping point on the way to eternity, and any thought of maintaining her for our future generations is spat upon as a ridiculous waste.

You may use whatever means are at your disposal to make your beliefs clear. You may shout out the name of your god, and pen your verbose ramblings until you run out of ink. But I will be here on the other side speaking out against this strangle-hold that religion has on mankind that threatens to choke out any dignity, intelligence and freedom we have. I will continue to point out the absurdities that are found in religion. I will not stop until the voice of religion has been squelched or until I am no longer able to speak.

In closing, I might point out that the glaring difference between you and I, "Professor", is that I am not so pompous as to be invasive. I will not leave comments on your blog asking you to give up your god. I will not knock on your door attempting to sell you my viewpoint. I will never force my lack of religion on anyone who does not choose to hear it. I will do it on my own time, in my own way, in my own space.
One more thing, determining which blog was yours out of the list of blogs you posted is as easy as clicking on your username. Really not much of a challenge.

Take Care,
The Bablatrice


  1. You rock! Very intelligent comeback to the professor. Here here!