February 28, 2007

That Jesus' Mama Sho' Gets Around

Thanks again to the lovely Kathleen for pointing me to another one. Guadalupe Rodriguez swears she can see JC's mamaroni on this cookie sheet.

I dunno, Lupe, it looks more like an amoeba than the Virgin Mary. Maybe even the nipple off a bottle. Butt plug? Joy stick?

Guadalupe is a lunch lady, and she noticed this while washing dishes at the school. She then proceeded to "borrow" the cookie sheet from the school. I hope she went to confession for it.

Do you think that's holy water in the bowl or just some of the leftover dishwater?

Take Care,


  1. It looks like a Smurf hat to me. Or a stomach in an antacid commercial.

    What I love most are the candles, flowers, and crosses that Loopy has festooned around her tray. Do you think she bought all this stuff on her way home from the miracle, or had she already accumulated them in anticipation of an appearance by the Blessed Mother?

  2. Exterminator - She's of Hispanic descent - I'm betting Mexican considering all those candles depict the Virgin of Gaudalupe, the patron saint of Mexico, so she had those already, I'd bet my life savings on it. She might have added to the collection, however.

  3. Umm...sorry but it looks like a penis decorated with a skirt, or one of those frilly paper things you're supposed to put on a crown roast, but that's just me. Maybe if I squint real hard and turn my head just so...

  4. I think butt plug, with Jesus on it.

  5. I once visited an oil slick on the side of an office building in Florida and there were all those crazy candles all over the place, too. In Chicago, apparently water condensation under an underpass looked like the Virgin Mary and all the crazy candles were whipped out there, too. Finally, the city was like, "We have to repair this water damage, folks. Move your candles."

  6. Royce8:02 AM

    Milagro De La Cookie Sheet!?

    Actually it looks more like the base of the right thumb snapped into optimistic hailing position for a ride.

    We humans are hardwired to recognize faces, we can't help it, so when those faces resemble important figures, tourism gets a boost.

  7. Exterminator - I'll bet Loopy "borrowed" all her decorations, too. I just hope she didn't take the flowers off someone's grave.

    Kathleen - I'd bet, too. She probably just took out the Mary picture and replaced it with the most holy bakeware.

    Sharna - A penis with a skirt on it. That's great! I wonder if Thomas would let me...nah. Probably not.

    Carla - You are so incredibly kinky. It's why I love you so.

    Megan - I wanna know when the partially nude images of Johnny Depp are going to start popping up. Now THAT would be something to worship.

    Royce - The cookie sheet probably was trying to hitch a ride - just to get away from Lupe.