February 9, 2007

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

For those of you wondering how Anna Nicole Smith is managing in the afterworld, watch this and you'll wonder no more. This guy really thinks he's channeling Jesus.

You can check out more of the Polley's videos on YouTube. I think the cheese has slid off the Polley's crackers.

Take Care,


  1. What the hell is this, some public access cable show from the asylum?

  2. Those people just can't be real... They just can't be.

    Tell me its a spoof, a parody, something other than reality.

  3. Dave - I know. The Mrs. Cuckoo also composes songs that she says are channeled by John Lennon.

    Beep - I know it's frightening, but they're for real. They're just a little bit out there, huh?

  4. Well, praise the lord and pass the implants. It does my everlasting soul good to know that our beloved big-boobed bimbo will be all right as soon as she realizes she's dead. It seems to me that if you stop breathing forever, you ought to have some clue that something's different in your life. But, then, I'm only an atheist crank.

    The Nazarene neglects to mention whether Anna Nicole will need cosmic surgery so that she'll be able to play the harp without getting in her own way. I suppose heavenly instruments come in a variety of shapes to accommodate all body types.

    It was nice to hear that Jeezy chose to channel through someone with a thick New England accent for a change, instead of the usual Southern one. I don't think he's done that since Cotton Mather was alive.

  5. It all makes sense to me. It took Dolly Parton (sp?) years to realize her career was dead. And then she was okay. You guys are too cynical. I believe. Yes, I'm a believer! I've been saved! Praise the lawd, mama!!

    Okay. Too much wine for lunch. The only praising around here is for Steve-o who turned loaves and fishes into temporary internet access (probably stolen from a wireless neighbor).

    hmm... jbefp...

    Jesus believers... embrace... umm... oh never mind.

    okay - second try: derszmcb.

    Devil Embracers Really Should... Zebra... Oh fuck it. Don't drink and surf, kids.

  6. Carla7:00 PM

    If there were a God I'm sure he would be shaking his head in embarassment. I know I am!

  7. Ex - I agree, the NE accent gives it a nice touch. I haven't figured out what Mrs. P's accent is though. Cartoon? Fingernails on a chalkboard?

    Fwig - Are you sure Steve-o is human? He sounds too good to be true.

    Carla - If there were a god, he should be zapping people like this who are speaking for him.

  8. I'm going to channel Diana - Holy shit!

    Alura's voice is creepy.

  9. WTF?...and these people are not institutionalized?

  10. Diana - Holy shit is right.

    Kathleen - Holy shit is right. See that? I just channeled myself. Her voice is beyond creepy. I have yet to find an adjective worthy of her voice.

    Sharna - Scary, isn't it?

  11. What's with the great big American flag? Shouldn't they be from a country with a flag of a flaming cross and swords or some shit? (Actually, that would make a bitchin' tattoo.)

  12. Don - The Polley's are self-proclaimed extra-terrestrials, so I think they're flag should be one of the "other galaxy" persuasion.

    These people scare me.