February 14, 2007

I'm a Hater and a Lover!

The Hater Me

It's true. I've been declared a hater by a member of the BlogExplosion Team. Here is the follow-up email I received after attempting to submit my blog to their site. I giggled when I read it. Feel free to do the same.

Your blog was declined for the following reason:

We DO NOT allow hate blogs.

Site reviewed:Flumadiddle http://www.rachelmurie.blogspot.com/

BlogExplosion Team

Here is the email I sent back to the BlogExplosion Team:

Dear BlogExplosion Team,

I recently submitted my blog to BlogExplosion. I received an email stating that my blog was denied because you DO NOT allow hate blogs. (I'm not screaming at you, that's just how the email I received was written.)

I find it hard to believe that someone would consider my blog to be a hate blog. Sure, I point out the absurdities of fundamentalist Christians, but I never once have stated that I hate them. Nor have I projected any kind of malice towards them. In fact, I would love to sit down and share a nice cup of tea with them. As long as there was an interpreter, because half the time I really don't know what they're saying.

I think perhaps your BlogExplosion Team Member who reviewed my blog didn't fully delve into the realms of all that is Flumadiddle. Or possibly, due to their faith, they were offended by my blog. But that doesn't make me a hater. It just makes me an irritant. Rather like a gnat that keeps threatening to fly up your nose, and every time it gets close it tickles, so you want to sneeze. But you're scared to sneeze because you don't want to inhale a gnat.

Yeah. I'm kinda like that.

One more thing. The BlogExplosion Team Member who sent me the email misspelled "sincerely". But it's okay, because after yelling "DO NOT" at me, the "sincerely" part seemed a little fake anyway.

Well, I guess that's all I wanted to say.

Oh wait. No it's not. I think you should really consider placing an exclamation point after BlogExplosion! See? See how much better that is? BlogExplosion = big ol' yawn. BlogExplosion! = well, pretty darn explosive.

Now I've said everything I wanted.

Take Care BlogExplosion! People!

Hugs and Kisses,

The Lover Me

Before I show you this video, here is the dialogue that occurred when Thomas watched it.

Thomas: Why do you sound like the sloth from Ice Age
Me: I don't know. My camera just makes my esses sound funny. I'm going to try and edit it out.
Thomas: No. You should leave it in. People will find it endearing. It's attractive and intriguing.
Me: Sounding like Sid the Sloth is intriguing? Besides, I'm not trying to be attractive or intriguing.
Thomas: Obviously. Look what you're wearing in the video. And you don't have on any makeup.
Me: Very funny, smartass. (I'm not sure if I really said this out loud, or if I was just thinking it.)

Anyway, I really don't normally sound like Sid, and I've realized that Thomas must have a thing for animated sloths.

Here is my Valentine's Day video for you.


  1. Your blog IS NOT A HATE BLOG!!!! :D Really, if I thought it was a hate blog, I would've closed my browser immediately.

    Hey, it's cool to actually see and hear you. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  2. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Your blog is DEFINITELY NOT a hate blog! It's a really cute one. Makes me laugh when I'm really low! :-)

    And thanks for being my Valentine! :-D

  3. And Happy Day-After-Valentine's-Day to you.

    Hey, the message from the BlogExplosion Team contained another typo you didn't notice. I think they watched this video and thought you were a HAT blog.

  4. OMG - she's real! She has moving parts and everything!

    Hey I followed the link to the teens4Christ web site. I think Randy's hiding his identity. I think that family photo of his is fake. I'm pretty sure it's a Star Wars still of Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia but it's been airbrushed to make the princess look creepy and Jabba is wearing a suit and has no lips.

    Oh dear. Did that sound hateful? I hope its not my fault that Blogexplos!on is distancing themselves from you. Please keep me informed. If they continue to blackball you I will pull my account from them in protest. Yeah that'll teach them when they start getting 2 less hits per year...

    fbveccq... ouqdtv

  5. See? That's what happens when we let "the stupids" and the "Dumbassians" run things.

    -How'd they let me in?

  6. I'm eagerly awaiting the reply from BlogExplosion!

    Not to be mean, but I have to agree with Thomas that you did sound a bit like Sid the Sloth. Don't HATE me!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you (a day late).

  7. Diana - Thank you. I won't read hate blogs, either.

    Anon - Aw...thanks. That's sweet.

    Exterminator - You know. I should have a hat blog, because I have a severe hat fetish.

    Fwig - Yeah. Moving parts. You'd almost think I was human.

    I keep re-reading what you wrote about Randy, and I laugh out loud everytime.

    I really do appreciate your support in the BlogEplos!on fiasco.

    See how I stole the ! thing from you. Using the ! as the i is brilliant.

    Sharna - I have the feeling whoever denied my blog must have been a devout Christian.

    Kathleen - No worries. I KNOW I sounded like Sid. It's okay though. I love Sid.

  8. People who feel they can't allow any offense crack me up. It seems all humor directed at other people must be suppressed! Sad to think there are people out there who don't know the difference between fun-making and hatred.

  9. Your vid is very sweet. Makes me wish I was single so I'd know someone cared ... wait, that doesn't work.

  10. Don - Yep. You can't have fun without offending someone. And, thanks for saying my video was sweet. I know what you're saying about wishing you were single. Not that I do, but I think sometimes after people get married, the wooing stops. And I think it's sad.