February 19, 2007

Two and Two are Four

Number Crunching

The other day I was on the phone with the CPA we use at the office and here's what he said to me: "Your accounting is very tight. I really get great pleasure working with your books."

Jesus H. Christ, could you make a non-sexual compliment sound any more pornariffic?

Those crazy, kinky accounting people.

What's Today?

I'm glad you asked. Today is Spunky Old Broads Day (women over 50 only), National Nose-Blowing Day and National Chocolate Mint Day.

So, I'd suggest finding a plucky, over-50 woman, blow your nose on her sleeve and then ask her to share a box of Jr. Mints. Don't forget your party hat!

Oh yeah. It's also President's Day or something like that. Go celebrate at a 20% off sale.

A Moment of Awwww

Finally, just because I've been in a poopy mood for the past three days and I need something to make me smile, here's a picture of Stumpy, the mutant duck.

Isn't he cute with his two extra legs?

Oh what the hell, I need more awwww.

More! More I say!

I am through now.


No more cuteness.

I've accomplished my goal.

Take Care,
The Bablatrice - Who will try her best not to ever subject you to her poopy moods again.


  1. On the subject of non-sexual compliments I remember sitting at a table with my ball-hockey teammates at the bar we always haunted after the games. I was particularly dying of thirst that night and when are usual waitress - a rather top-heavy gal if you catch my drift - arrived with two pitchers of suds I looked right at her and blurted, "Whoo! Look at those two beauties!"
    "I beg your pardon!" she gasped. Mortified at the misunderstanding I tried clumsily to recover.
    "No no!" I said. "I meant your jugs!"

    lluldery is me...

  2. But Babs, tell us, are you still under the weather or is something else making you poopy?

  3. When I first heard about Stumpy, I didn't want to look at him, my husband told he me how cute he was (the duck, I already know how cute my husband is) but I could make a home for him, ( the duck AND my husband) he is adorable (yup again both). There is a lot of cute on your blog today, nice job. I'll stop now!

  4. The hedgehogs were too cute for words. And although Stumpy is cute, I do try not to look at his extra legs. Poor mutant duck.

  5. When i was ten, i was at this exotic birds zoo. So, among pheasants, peacocks and parrots there was a rooster. I thought "This isn´t an exotic bird, what is it doing here?" Then i saw the two extra legs hanging from his butt.

    I think the existance of aberrations is the best proof there is no god. If there was a god it whould look to these four legged birds of the two headed livestock and say something like " Jinxies! There's a bug in my Creation. Let me run a patch to fix that"

  6. Who are we to presume the mind of God? Maybe He put legs on a rooster butt so that you would question Him and in your questioning, find ... find ... well, something that would really freak out the in-laws if you put it on the dining room table.

  7. Fwig - You are a smooth talker with the ladies, aren't ya?

    The poopiness was due to the lingering IT disease. It is slowly exiting my body - I am conquering the beast.

    I am MIGHTY!

    Okay, now I'm just going overboard.

    Carla - I could adopt Stumpy, too. He's just too cute. But, I get the feeling when he gets older he's just going to look creepy.

    Kathleen - I absolutely adore the hedgehogs. They look like little sea urchins with faces.

    Guerrerio - Well, that and maybe cure a disease or two.

    Don - Or he put legs on a rooster butt to trick us. That god is such a kidder.