February 26, 2007

Missed News and Naval Jelly

Another One?

Okay, I know I live in Arkansas, but that still doesn't give me an excuse to miss breaking news stories, does it?

This story is actually from January, so I don't know that it's breaking anymore. But, dammit, I missed it. How the heck did I not find the story about the Baptist preacher in Tulsa, OK who was very outspoken against gay marriage, but then was caught this past January soliciting a male police officer?

Usually I don't even have to look for this kind of stuff. It just finds me.

I must be slipping.

Anyway, Lonnie Latham was a pastor at a Tulsa church and was arrested for lewdness because he approached a male, undercover officer and proceeded to ask the officer to suck his pee pee. I'm paraphrasing there. I don't know that "pee pee" was the exact terminology he used, but since he's a Baptist preacher, I'll bet it's close.

Anyway, now Lonnie and his attorney seem to be speaking up for gay rights. Well, not everyone's gay rights, just his right to ask another man for a little sucky sucky. And since no monetary amount was discussed and since this officer was in the part of town that the man hookers like to chill, I'll agree that he shouldn't have been charged with lewdness.

However, I do think he should be charged for speaking out against homosexuality while hiding his gayness behind his big ol' bible. I haven't figured out the punishment yet, but I know it's going to involve a lot of pinto beans and baling wire. Unless he has a bean and baling wire fetish, then I'll have to figure out something else.

How many more Baptist preachers are going to be booted out of the closet before one of them has the balls to stand up for his sexuality? Just one could make a huge difference in bridging this ridiculous gap in our society. Just think what it would be like if these religious leaders would let go of the homosexuality argument. Big, huge gasp! They might even be able to put the energy they were using in tearing down the gay community into something worthwhile like fighting against child abuse, or feeding the hungry or helping the homeless.

Isn't it time this stupidity ends?

That Jesus Sho' Gets Around

Jesus is back and this time he's hanging with the tow man. Reader Dr. X snapped a photo of JC hanging on the back of a tow truck. Looks to me like the saviour is getting a little rusty and could use a good rub down with some naval jelly.

Which oddly enough is the exact thing Thomas said to me when I got home from work today.

Take Care,
The Bablatrice - who is completely rust-free.


  1. Yes Babs. It's time.

    But what on earth is... [gulp]... naval jelly?

    bpoeyozy dont you knowie

  2. I have two things for you. One, I don't know if you're collecting sightings of the Blessed Virgin, but if so, you can find one here.

    And sadly, my other story is about a 72-year-old gay man who was beaten to death in Detroit simply because he was gay. All this Bible-thumping, God hates gays crap I'm sure plays a part in something like this. Pathetic

  3. I feel like helping you in your search for religious whackos for some reason. ;-) So, here's another one.

  4. Fwig - Naval jelly is a rust remover. I have no idea what it's made of. Probably nothing that the name implies, though.

    I hope not anyway.

    Kathleen - What kind of asshole beats up someone because they're gay? And a 72 year old man? That's just deplorable to me.

    Thanks for the link, though. I'm so posting about it right now!

  5. Exactly, only completely pathetic worthless types beat up old men.

  6. Ted Haggard is my favorite dude to harp on. Millions listened to his crapola about how wrong gays were, then we was exposed- haha-having sex with a male prostitite AND buying meth from him. Wow. Just Wow! You just can't go wrong with these kinds of scandals!! ;-)