November 11, 2007

Your Sunday Sermon

I read Post Secret and find it quite fascinating. Although, very few of the postcards actually make me laugh out loud, this one did.

Ahhhhhmen. <---You're supposed to sing that part, thus signifying that church is now over.


  1. I simply adore PostSecret - it's one of my guilty pleasures, along with True Wife Confessions and Desperately Seeking...something...

    I have to wonder though how long it took her to realize that someone who was following the teachings of animal-sacrificing primitives was an idiot...

    Jjqbrz creepers - wheredja' get those peepers?

  2. At least she's finally learning. Slowly. Baby steps.

  3. I LOVED that one, we should all write in and note that all pastors are idiots.

  4. Ooh, that's from the new PostSecret book. I read the first one. Some very sad secrets in there.

  5. Carla - Smashing idea from a smashing woman. I have so many ex-pastors I could write about. Where to start? Where to start?

    Kathleen - I love the Post Secret books, although they are rather large which makes reading them in bed quite the workout.