March 15, 2007

It's All About the J Man

Last Saturday I got to go a local dive and watch the Razorback basketball game. It just made me all atwitter. And I'm using my fake, excited voice here, because I could really give a poo about Razorback basketball. The only reason I went was because of this unshaven, hunka manliness. He's mantastic!

Plus, I got to make fun of these two goobers guys.

The guy on the right is Thomas' brother, James, and the other guy is their friend, Mike. Mike isn't really the size of a leprechaun, he just looks that way next to James. James makes just about everyone look leprechaun size. James will also be thrilled that I put such a flattering picture of him on the internet. It's part of why he loves me so.

I kept telling the boys that if they were entertaining enough, that I'd put them on my blog. They didn't really pull through, but the table next to us did. I think Jesus was playing in the game, because the guy at the next table kept yelling, "C'mon, Jesus! Put it in the basket". And, Oh, Jesus! Can't you do any better than that?" I was trying to really pay attention every time he yelled, and I'm pretty sure Jesus is number 3 on the Razorback's team.

Speaking of Jesus, which I do so often. Here is the Christian graffiti shot I promised.

JC sure is a life changer. In fact, he'll change your life so much you'll want to deface public property in his name.

Praise J-Dawg and his daddio for Krylon. Fo' sheezy.

And what the hell, here we go with:

Church Sign O' The Week

Look at me go with a picture of it and everything. To make Thomas and I even bigger sinners, we snapped this baby while church was in session. We're for sure on the road to you-know-where now.

Hey, church sign guy, I've got an idea - why don't you use a reference to a commercial that's really old, but not old enough to be retro which would then make it all cool again? Oh wait. That's exactly what you did! Bravo to you, church sign guy. Here are a few more ideas for you.

  • Yo quiero Jesus
  • Got Jesus?
  • Please, don't squeeze the Jesus
  • Jesus: Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.
  • Church: A little dab'll do ya.
  • Jesus makes hamburgers taste like steakburgers.
  • Christianity: It's the cheesiest
  • The best part of waking up, is Jesus in your cup
  • Jesus: The other white meat.
  • Jesus is the quicker picker upper
  • Jesus is so good, cats ask for it by name.

So, there you go, church sign guy. I expect one of these to be up next week, okay?

Take Care,


  1. Oh my Jesus! You make me laugh and laugh! I just know I'm goin you know where too! Glad to know I'll have good company where we are goin. Much rather laugh my ass off then float on a cloud. Thanks for putting a smile in my day.


  2. Oh MY GAWD, you make me laugh. I think I met you after I posted this sign that was in our neighborhood.
    This WAS only there for a short time, when we came back around it was VACANT...can you believe it?

  3. Hey, Flummy, glad to see you're feeling well enough to invent a new parlor game. How about:

    * You've come a long way, baby Jesus.
    * It's not nice to fool Mother Mary!
    * Hell Motels: sinners check in but they don't check out.
    * Jesus: a silly millimeter holier.
    * Let Christ put you in the driver's seat.
    * Communion: Jesus tastes good like a savior should.
    * Baptists are our business -- our only business.
    * Christianity: the Un-Judaism
    * Double your pleasure, double your fun, with God the Father and Jesus the Son.

  4. LOL! You and the Exterminator are hilarious! I stopped by to share this with you and found you back in top form.

  5. Meow to the T-man. Lookin' good with the salt & pepper hair and the scruff. Upon closer inspection, I notice he's right beside the "Happy Ho Parking Only" sign. I'm also fascinated by the person in the bottom left corner. I can't quite figure out if that is a big tall "catch the wave" hair-do or what's going on. That is an earring and a chin, isn't it? Or is it an elbow. I'm confused. I need a drink.

    sqgvdvp (as hard to type as it looks)

  6. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Right on, handsome Hubby, doofy friends to poke fun at, game...sounds like you had a fun night. Glad to hear it.

  7. TJ - Thank you very much!

    Carla - Oh my. That's fabulous. Simply fabulous.

    Ex - Bahahahahaha- those are great!

    Kathleen - That article is fantastic. I especially liked, "Fire is God's own enema." I may have to make it a bumper sticker.

    Dave - The first thing Thomas said when he saw that picture was, "Oh god, look at all the gray hair". To which I replied, "I know. I love it". And he is, indeed, my happy little ho.

    I looked at the pic again, and I can't make out what the hell it's supposed to be. I can make out a chin, but the hair? Surely to god that's a shadow. I would have remembered if someone had THAT hair.

    Crazy - Yep, I have fun - even when I'm watching a dumb basketball game.