March 23, 2007

Fun at the Office

My, my. I've been MIA, haven't I? It was a wild week at work. Spring at a landscape company is a bit busy. BUT. I finally have an assistant. Only part time, and possibly only temporary. BUT. I have help. It's been a huge relief. I mean, now I can do the important stuff like paint my nails, read a book or two, flip through a magazine, play games.

I kid. I kid so much it makes me hurt.

And, we now have a water cooler at the office - with hot and cold water. I'm totally stoked about it, too. See? It takes so little to make me happy.

Amidst the craziness at the office, we received this message from our stellar answering service: Wants estimate on cleaning daughters.

Well, I guess that'd all depend on what size they are. We charge more for the big girls.

Fun Away From the Office

I took today off, and it was wonderful. I lollygagged. I meandered. I lounged. I dabbled. I even puttered.

I've decided that I love the word "lollygag", and I'm going to try and use it whenever possible. Lollygag. It's just fun to say. Kind of like polliwog.

I even sat tonight on the porch swing listening to the night sounds. We have an abundance of frogs out here, and as I was sitting there listening to the cacophony of their mating sounds, I thought, "Dear god, they're some horny little fuckers." Ah yes, that's how I commune with nature.

In closing, I'll leave you with a little poem that is my tribute to little froglets everywhere.

Croakin’ the Blues

A frog jumped from his lily pad
and looking at his warty dad,
he spoke of his predicament,
and here’s the froggy's sad lament.

“I’m sick and tired of this gig
I think I’d rather be a pig.
At least then I would know my place,
and wouldn’t have to keep this pace.

I feel my life could be sublime
except I waste all of my time
in leaping from my swimming hole
then back onto the grassy knoll.

Why can I not just swim about
the lake like all the bass and trout?
Or maybe I could be a dog,
and end this game of leapy frog.

First I am wet and then I’m dry
I get so chapped I want to cry.
This in and out has got to stop
before my eyeballs finally pop.

Now you may think I have it made,
but I must tell you, I’m afraid
that it’s no longer any fun
being an amphibian.

Take Care,


  1. (singing...) It's not easy - being green...

    Yeah, baby! Love the poem.

    Listen to them qxswkoj matin' over thar by the swimmin' hole.

  2. Hmm. I can't seem to do shit because my brain keeps getting in the way. Maybe I should apply for some meds too, what the hell.


    Ooh, porch swing...I want a porch swing...of course, I first need a porch.

  4. What a fine fine day in Flumadiddleland! Multitudes of 'phibians getting their jollies! Homages to Kermit! Don looking at the whole self-improvement thing, Kats coming to terms with the porch-swing years - and yes, the best frog poem ever. And to top it off my Dr-Seuss-on-chrystal-meth personality is positively giddy over the whole polliwogging-lolligagging thing. He's just running around in my head like a hairdresser on amphetamines. What a marvelous start to the afternoon. Now I'm all pumped and ready to take on the world! Thanks!

    pqjrahs and rainbows, people! It's all pqjrahs and rainbows!

  5. Sharna - Thanks and them qxswkoj are pretty randy little things, too.

    Don - By all means, sign up for meds. Heck, I think they should be handed out for free.

    Kathleen - You're too kind. Thank you. You don't have to have a porch to have a swing. Years ago when I was single and porchless, I bought a garden swing. It's a porch swing with its own frame. I still have it and still love it. It sits on the back deck now and my porch swing is on the front. However, the garden swing doesn't have the same squeak of a porch swing.

    Fwig - A hairdresser on amphetamines! That makes me go "haha". I can't wait for the new offering from your Dr. Seuss on meth alter ego.

    You're more than welcome, and thank you.

  6. Jobs are overrated.....any of them. They take up so much time and give back so little. I want a porch swing too, in fact I want a porch. Meds I try to stay away from,that's the thing that makes me goofy, I can't even take Midol. Aren't our bodies amazing?

  7. Jobs are overrated.....any of them. They take up so much time and give back so little. I want a porch swing too, in fact I want a porch. Meds I try to stay away from,that's the thing that makes me goofy, I can't even take Midol. Aren't our bodies amazing?

  8. Anonymous12:13 PM

    what a sweet poem. you know, my little sister is ga ga over frogs, because her dirty rotten scoundral of a boyfriend is from the Frog Clan (now they are seperated-no need to go into a story it's a soap opera really)Ugh, she still loves him, so she still loves frogs. Don't get it. Maybe if she hates frogs then I will know she will finally be over that "he-thing".

    I won't be forwarding your little poem to her, as wonderful as it is. Might make her take him back. GAG

  9. Did I mention that jobs are overrated?

  10. Carla dear, I'm beginning to think you might think jobs are overrated? Or am I assuming too much?

    Crazy - Your sister should be deprived of the frog poem until she loves frogs just for the simple fact that they're loveable. NOT because of some scoundrel. It's okay though, my sister has been through plenty of soap opera relationships herself.