March 26, 2007

God vs the Banana

Sharna emailed me the link to this video. It's a very intelligent man explaining why Intelligent Design is stupid.

And on GodTube (yes there really is such a catastrophe) I found this creationist explaining how bananas prove the the capital G god really did create everything. It's totally fucktastic!

Take Care,


  1. Sorry Banana Man but I won't be having nightmares about bananas any time soon. By the way - tell your god he did a bang-up job on the cocunut and the pineapple will you? Or did they happen on day 8 when some god-intern was on the job? Look, If you really want to impress, show us how to eat big juicy ribs withiout wearing sauce ear to ear.

    iyhhicc (pardon me).

  2. I have ALWAYS hated bananas and this only give me yet another reason...fucktards produce peddlers.

  3. Wow, did he have any clue he was being oh so slightly pornographic??? The Green Shirt Guy did and almost fell off his chair.

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    ah!hahahahaha "pull the top the contents don't squirt in your face"

    Yes they do! you know they do.

    What a maroon!

  5. Fwig - I said the same thing about the coconut. And what about filberts? How the heck is a filbert supposed to be easy eating for we humans?

    Carla - I love bananas, but watching this guy almost makes me hate them. Creepy.

    Kathleen - I know. Add a little music to the video and you could sell it at an adult video store. And, the guy in the green shirt is none other than Kirk Cameron -the actor from Growing Pains. He's Mr. Fundamentalist Christian now. I've seen some of his other videos and he's nauseating.

    Crazy - Him + squirting in the face = Nastiness. He really is a complete moron. The whole time he was going through his banana thing, I kept thinking how much he looked JUST like an ape eating a banana.

  6. But it isn't pornographic when they do it...

    Gotta go watch some mpolrn.

  7. What is it with these former child/teenage stars going all born again? I trust you knew Blair from Facts of Life is crazy-ass BA, too.