December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I decided to steal from last year's Christmas post to make this video. Just think, next year I might advance to live actors or something.

I sincerely wish each of your a very merry December 25th. In whatever way you celebrate it, I hope you are surrounded by love.

And now for what might possibly be the most disjointed video ever.

Take Care,


  1. What a perfect Christmas card for us heathens. Great video & soundtrack. Thanks.

    You've inspired me to hold my own little contest.

    1. Produces short videos that make us laugh out loud:
    Babs: Y; Scorsese: N; Jesus: N

    2. Says “fuck” a lot:
    Babs: Y; Scorsese: Y; Jesus: N

    3. Is a big hit with Italian men:
    Babs: ?; Scorsese: Y; Jesus: Y

    4. Made or starred in a Jesus movie:
    Babs: Y; Scorsese: Y; Jesus: N

    5. Is often seen in Arkansas:
    Babs: Y; Scorsese: N; Jesus: Y

    6. Can write name simultaneously with both hands in mirror image:
    Babs: Y; Scorsese: ?; Jesus: ?

    7. Face has appeared in pee stains:
    Babs: ?; Scorsese: ?; Jesus: Y

    8. Actual photo — with or without pee stain — can be viewed on the Internet:
    Babs: Y; Scorsese: Y; Jesus: N

    9. Would be first in line if participants stood alphabetically:
    Babs: Y; Scorsese: N; Jesus: N

    10. Name would be a part of the body if the first letter were dropped:
    Babs: Y; Scorsese: N; Jesus: N

    Tally Board
    Babs: 8Y, 2 questionable
    Scorsese: 4Y, 2 questionable
    Jesus: 3Y, 1 questionable

    The winner: Babs - who will have to supply the ass-jiggling video, herself.

  2. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Excellent video.
    --the chaplain

  3. Well honey that was the best video I've seen in 3 days - and pretty much all we've done around here for the last 3 days is watch videos. Well, that and open vbzkyg.

  4. Excellent video. I particularly liked Jesus in the tutu and ballet shoes. Very pretty indeed!

  5. Ex - Most excellent, contest. Not just because I won, either. Although, I don't mind winning.

    Chaplain - Thank you, very much.

    Shedevil - You're so sweet for a devil woman.

    Philly - Yep. The Jesus is one I made quite a long time ago and he's just been hanging out in my photo files waiting to be used. I think he's quite lovely in a tutu.

  6. It's now official. You're my favorite movie producer of all time.

  7. Anonymous10:23 PM

    awesome job :applause:

  8. Hilarious, although I thought I would argue against two rounds that went to Santa.

    Round 3 - Angelina Jolie would have taken the blood instead of the cookies, so in her world, Jesus wins that round.

    Round 6 - You forgot about Jesus walking on that round could be a draw.

    And if you listen to Bill 0'Reilly (but really, who with a brain in their freaking head does?) Jesus died 5000 years ago. Bloody dumb ass.

  9. Babs, I hope you had a holiday season that was as much fun as that video! You are coming up with some great stuff. Maybe this is the year that the Atheosphere goes video, with you leading the way.

  10. Fwig - Aw. That means so much coming from you. I'm just glad I'm somebody's favorite anything.

    Claudia - Thank you, kindly. <---That's Arkansas speak.

    Kathleen - I can't stand listening to Bill O'Reilly. UGH!

    Evo - Thanks! I don't know if I'll start any trend, but I do enjoy making the movies.

  11. Me either - I get my Bill-O news from Keith Olbermann who pretty much despises Bill-O. ;-)