December 20, 2007

An Even Bigger Update

I know you'll find this hard to believe considering what the count was yesterday, but I swear to Baby Jesus it's the truth.

Courtesy of someone in Santa Clarita going on a Baby J stealing spree and committing twelve acts of Lordnapping, plus a few other random thieves making off with a Jesus or two, we are now up to...

I think that anyone who would dare to snatch any Baby Jesus from his cozy nest of straw is a degenerate who is going straight to h-e-double hockey sticks, but I was inspired by their deviltry. These miscreants have spurred me to create something beautiful from the ashes of their dastardly deeds. I'd like to share with you my vision of the Baby Jesusmobile.

I personally think the Baby Jesusmobile just totally spanked the Popemobile.

Take Care,


  1. And if the driver of that thing goes too slowly, you could yell out your window: Jesus Christ, would you speed up! and they all would.

  2. OR you could yell out the window as I have been known to do, JESUS CHRIST, what the fuck are you doing you crazy moron, drive like a normal person.

    CA-rap, how do you make italics?

  3. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I guess the crime rate escalates as the holiday draws closer. It may get pretty ugly over the next few days.

  4. I DID IT Thanks Exterminator man

  5. Wow! I'm always amazed at the many facets of your creativity. I'm just not sure if the BJ-mobile is a winner or not. Frankly it spooks me a little. Gives me the creeps; the willies; goosebumps; the heebie jeebies - you know?

    qggrqo was a merry ol' soul...

  6. I love the front license plate.