December 5, 2006

Fun at the Office

Email #1
Somehow I got on Fayetteville High School's email list at the office. I'm not really sure how, but the other morning I checked my email and there was a string of emails that went like this.

  1. Due to inclimate weather, FHS will close one hour early today.
  2. Please remove me from the list
  3. Please remove me from the list
  4. Please remove me from the list
  5. I don't take care of this
  6. I wasn't emailing you. Please remove me from the list.
  7. This list is like the Hotel California, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
  8. For god's sake, stop this insanity. Take me off the list.
Email #2

"Old Man Winter is blowing in cold conditions."

I think that if Old Man Winter has to dole out blowjobs for a career he should join some kind of union so he doesn't have to put up with such crappy working conditions.

I was logging an expense today for a snow removal tool, but I typed snot removal.

Yeah, stuff like this really does amuse me. Especially when the snot removal tool is a shovel.

Finally, if you're bored at work can you think of anything more fun than leafing through the Yellow Pages? Of course not. Because you get to find ads like this one. Please note that the tacky scribbling is all me, baby!

Serving God's People Through Dentistry.


Somehow, I don't think they'd ever welcome me as a patient.

Take Care,
The Bablatrice - who is easily amused


  1. Why do Satan's teeth have little crosses on them?


    Arkansas is starting to sound kind of crepy.

  2. I think the crosses on Satan's teeth are his way of mocking Jesus.

    You have no idea how creepy Arkansas is.

  3. Why would God have teeth? I mean - What would he do with them? You don't think god would have redundant evolutionary peculiarities do you? Surely not. Am I being utterly stupid? Am I missing the obvious? I just can't think. Why would he have teeth?

  4. Fwig - Of course god has teeth. How else would he get packages of peanuts open?