March 12, 2008

The Spike/Chopstick/Acupunture Mystery Solved

Those of you guessed what the spikes were coming out of my head were oh so close, but none of you will be winning a prize.

Here is where the friggin' spikes came from -

A clock, and I wear it on the back of my head. That way when people ask me for the time, I can turn around and moon them at the same time.

See? It not only keeps time, but it saves time, too. It's my very special, spiky clock.

Take Care,

Babs - time, time, time, time, time <---I just wanted to throw in that word a few more times.


  1. Hey, you could point to that clock when you say the "Hour Father."

  2. Aww...and I thought you had some cool funky chopsticks holding your hairdo together. I was just thinking that I wished I was as cool and funky as you and could wear chopsticks in my hair. But hey, the clock reminds me of the clock in Laura Petrie's living room on the Dick Van Dyke show...I wish I had a cool clock like Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke show...

  3. That's so funny. You should have positioned yourself so it would look like a halo, or maybe strike a Statue of Liberty pose. It could be your own version of Huckabee and the cross.

  4. That has good photo potential. Excellent prop.

  5. Here, just to prove the point. ;)

  6. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Philly - excellent!

  7. Philly - SWEET!

    Nice clock.

  8. Bwahahaaa! I love it! Awesome job, Philly! Was it just me, or were the angels singing when I opened that pic?

    Flummy honey, that should be your profile pic. C'mon...I triple dawg dare ya!

  9. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Doc Brain: Great idea. That would be an awesome avatar.

  10. I thought it was your usual halo, silly me!

  11. Ex - And as you know, I do the Hour Father every hour on the hour.

    Doc B - You too can be the proud owner of such a fine clock. All you have to do is go to your nearest Target. Now as to the profile pic. I dunno.

    Lifey - Excellent idea.

    Philly - That's awesome. I look like an angel from hell.

    Kat - Thanks. I love my pointy clock.

    Chap - See above.

    Carla -'re so sweet.