October 28, 2007


Sometimes you're in a relationship and you find that even though you both you love each other very much, the relationship just won't work. And sometimes that makes you sad enough to cry. A lot. And sometimes The Guy Who Thinks He's Boss is decent enough to give you the past week off so you can take the time you need. And sometimes you spend half of that week laying on the couch and crying, but then something clicks and you're okay again. And you get up off your sorry ass and get things accomplished. Like art and shopping and decorating your apartment. And sometimes you're adult enough to know that even if you aren't going to be married, you're still going to love each other and you're still going to be friends. And sometimes you can never have too many friends. Especially ones that know the real you and love you anyway.

Take Care,



  1. I admire your bravery. You might have chosen to continue and play the role.

  2. Thanks, Don. I honestly don't feel very brave right now, but don't tell anyone, okay?

  3. Babs, here's small comfort, for what it's worth. You will get through this. I've never met you, except through our blogs, but I know that you're one strong woman. You may not feel like you are all the time, but you are. You may not even want to be strong all the time, but you will be. And your strength is not just about getting through crises, it's part of who you are.

    So keep your chin up, but not so far up that somebody can use it as a target.

    And remember: Without god, all things are possible.

  4. Perhaps the friendship will only grow friendlier from here and new love will evolve elsewhere, to boot.

    For now, I suspect the only thing to do is accept the pain and travel through it. Don't hold back any tears. Go with it. Cherish your own kind fragile heart. There's no better type to have.

    And please continue to lean on your cyber friends. Our connection is just as real as it would be if we lived next door.

    A dedication to you from cousin fwig:


  5. Awwww honey - sending big hugs & love your way to help you drive through it.

  6. Ex - Thank you so much. You're right, I don't want to be strong all the time. But I just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

    Fwig - Dammit, man. You know just how to make me cry. And, the dedication? Well, I've never, ever had anything dedicated to me ever. Ever. So, I watched the video and blubbered through the whole thing.

    I keep hoping that one day you'll decide to move next door to me. Or at least a Fwig clone. Or even someone remotely Fwig-like.

    Shedevil - Thanks. I need some me some hugs. I know I'll get through this. It helps to know there's such amazing people who care enough to let me know.

  7. I completely suck at relationships, so I'm not sure I'll be any help. But know that I'm thinking about you and sending many many hugs to the Deep South from Motown. And I think you're very brave for making the right decision and for sharing it with us. I rarely share anything this personal, because I'm not brave.


  8. Giddamit, [sic] ;-) FWIG, you about killed me with that song. It reminded me of someone and something that wasn't meant to be. Ever.

  9. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Wish I knew how to help... just (hugs)

  10. More hugs from the NW as well. Keep that pretty chin up!

  11. Kat - Thanks for the hugs. I don't know if it's bravery or if I've just had to keep so many secrets in my life that I'm determined to not do that anymore. Don't worry, I won't tell you guys everything

    Claudia - Hugs always help. Even long-distance ones.

    Carla - Thanks, you sweet, sweet woman. The chin is up...but not so far as to poke someone's eye out. Which is very possible with my chin.

  12. I guess there's a dilema. Do you feel better after the cry or worse?

    If the latter, then I really need to change my style.