August 19, 2007

Hookers for Jesus

I know what you're thinking, but I promise you I did not come up with that title on my own. I only wish with all my hope and might that I could come up with something that clever. And Hookers for Jesus isn't a bunch of Christians getting together to fish. Which would actually make more sense on account of how Jesus was always fishing and stuff.

No, Hookers for Jesus is an organization ran by a former...wait for it...hooker who has found Jesus and given up her trampish ways. That's right, kids, Annie Lobert used to be a high class ho, but now she spends her time wading through the muck of sin and debauchery in Las Vegas trying to convince other hookers that they need to give up their life of whoredom and let Jesus be their pimp.

The good news is, while Annie's doing all that slumming with the hoochies, she fits right in.

What I simply adore about this shirt:
  1. It's sparkly.
  2. The hook on the end of the H - unbelievably clever.
  3. It has a Jesus fish on it. A very sparkly Jesus fish.
  4. There's a chance that the word HOOKERS could be misread as HOOTERS, and I think Hooters for Jesus is just a little bit funny.
  5. It's kinda slutty looking.
  6. You can't read the website address on the shirt, because it's tucked up underneath her very ample hookers hooters.

Take Care,


  1. Flummy:

    So many of our political leaders have been silently prostituting themselves for the religious right that it's refreshing to see a person who admits to whoring.

    Here's my theory on her religious epiphany: Once, when she cried out "Oh, God" for one of her pious tricks, he replied, "Do you really mean that?"

  2. Sarge7:29 PM

    When my sons were still at home my wife and I (she: methodist, me: atheist) decided that the sons could make up their minds to go to SS and church with their mother or stay home and do chores with me.

    Usually they decided to stay home and try to skive OUT of doing chores (eventually figured out that it was easier to just get things done, then they had most of the day for themselves. Seldom went to SS or church.

    They hit puberty and there was a change, but I knew what the cause was. If they began showing signs of religious exitation, we'd ask, "What's her name?" A girl was usually at the bottom of it.

  3. Heck, I thought all hookers looked like they been rode hard and put away wet. She's still screwing people though, she probably just got tired of the botox injections around her lips. Now she use those lips to kiss Jesus's ass.

  4. That's excellent. Another church sign for you: "The Church is prayer-conditioned." Oy vey.

  5. You know, I never have been able to understand why it's illegal to sell something that's perfectly okay to give away.

    Wouldja look at the qxantjuz on her!?

  6. I think 'Hooters for Jesus' is more than just a little bit funny. I barked out a larf-and-a-half at that.



    Take the fvnemc picture already...

  7. I don't know about you, but I am SOOOOOO going to get one of those T-shirts. It's perfect for my line of work!

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  11. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Um first of all...she is an ex hooker. She quit that biz a while back. You can be a Christian and still look hot. Second.... She helps hookers get out of "the life" and I think they might laugh at her and not get any help if she looked like a typical church lady anyway.