August 16, 2007

God Loves Him Some Eggplant

A Delaware couple think they've found the capital G-o-d in an eggplant. Well, not the big guy himself - just his name. Felicia Teske was getting ready to fry up some eggplant one night and upon slicing a piece discovered what she thinks is the word "God" spelled out in the seeds.

Well, I think Felicia is capital W-r-o-n-g. I think the seeds spell capital G-i-d. Now, Gid could be the capital G god's street name, but I'm thinkin' he probably goes by something more along the lines of Wiggy G or something. Anyway, back to my theory. I think the seeds spell "Gid".

See? Doesn't that look more like Gid? And since everyone knows that anytime you find a word in your eggplant, you're supposed to read it backwards, this really should be "dig".

So, Felicia, you need to count the seeds in your miraculous eggplant, stand directly under the full moon, face east and then walk off the same amount of steps that you have seeds, and then you dig.

GET IT? You DIG and then you'll find buried treasure. Or maybe a rock. Or an old spoon. A magical old spoon with amazing spoon powers. Or it might be a beer can tab from 1974, but I'm sure it will be something way cool. And worth much more than the money you'll get should you sell your eggplant on eBay.

I honestly don't think my theory is any wackier than Felicia thinking that because she had some deaths in the family recently, the capital G god decided to make himself known in an eggplant.

Take Care,


  1. Well, I hate to dispute your science, Flummy, but actually the eggplant spells Gip. That's short for "Gipper," as in "Get one for the ...." Since that line is indelibly associated with Ronald Reagan, I believe it's his spirit, not god's, inhabiting the eggplant. If the thing starts dying its hair and asking for jellybeans, we'll know for sure.

  2. I really need to spend more time checking the seed patterns in my fruits and veggies. I'm missing out on so much.

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM

    hehehe Kathleen, wtg, you made me smile on this under-caffeinated morning.

    Too friggen weird...

  4. Last evening as I was gazing up to the clouds I saw a cowboy raping a goat...isn't that the same thing...Seeing things that aren't really there? And no, I didn't have a camera handy.

  5. Ex - I dunno. Your theory seems to be a little "out there". Ha! I crack myself up.

    Kat- I know. I can't wait to go buy some stuff to see what I can find.

    Carla - I think god sent that cowboy raping a goat as a sign.

    I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean, though.

  6. I think it spells GoOD. The letters just wouldn't fit in a straight line. Oops. I mean DOoG. Forgot about the backwards rules. Long ago a romantic partner nicknamed me 'Doog'. And seeing how that ex-partner is now, tragically, pushing up the daisies - so to speak. Maybe an eggplant was pushed up in my honor?

    Okay that was strictly tasteless. I'll just quietly leave now. Excuse me.