September 3, 2010

Banana Trumps Science

You guys remember Ray Comfort?  The guy that hangs out with Kirk Cameron and says that a banana proves the existence of god.  The Ray I blogged about here.  Yeah.  Banana Ray.  So, Ray has his banana in a bunch because of Stephen Hawking's new book in which Hawking states that the creation of our universe didn't require any god.  You know what Ray said about Stephen Hawking?  He said that he was unscientific.

Let me say rephrase that. 

Ray Comfort,  the dude who attempts to prove there's a god by using a banana, said that Stephen Hawking, the fucking brilliant theoretical physicist, is unscientific. 

He then went on to show even more of his total and complete grasp of science by stating, "Nor should an atheist speak of gravity as being a 'law,' because that also denotes the axiom of a Law-giver. Laws don't happen by themselves."

Ray, I could explain to you how you're an imbecile, but I don't think you'd be able to understand because, well, you're an imbecile.  So, I've made a graph for you.  With pictures.  

Well, I guess I was wrong.  You aren't smart enough to be an imbecile, Ray.  In fact, it looks like you're dumber than George W. Bush.  You should just go find a cave to live in now.  

Don't forget your helmet!  

Big Hugs,  


  1. We do have a lot of idiots with varying degrees of idiocy in my third world country, where one of the pre-requisites of being a good citizen is belief in a retributive and vengeful god.

    It is comforting to know that staying in USA does not spare you from being assaulted by idiotic remarks by lunatics who are trying to bring you guys back to the middle ages too! LOL!

    Great read, as usual, and keep it up.

  2. I hope you widen that gap between pretty damn smart and idiot.

  3. Paranoid, you have no idea. There are religious nuts in every village, city and country of the globe. The ones here will not behead you for a lack of faith but they are very dangerous and very dumb.

  4. alopiasmag - There wasn't enough room for the gap needed in between Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck. It'd be from one end of the Internet to the other.