April 1, 2008

Nice Package

This note was left on the door of the office the other day.

I sorry I missed you, too, UPS dude. I honestly don't have any problem at all with what you put up your pants on your own time. Boxes, furry woodland creatures, cattle prods, roller skates - whatever blows your skirt up. However, if you're going to be putting boxes up your pants, please don't use the box you're delivering to us and please don't do it in one of our trucks. Okay? I mean, we're definitely a strange bunch around here, but we're not box-up-our-pants strange.

Take Care,


  1. Now we all know why he's a UPS driver and not an astrophysicist.

    Oh, and I just found this little toy and thought it might appeal to you.

  2. Yeah, Babs... especially if he has that smelly crotch syndrome your always blogging about...

    Excuse me, I'm going to go scrub now...

  3. UPS down in the South doesn't have pre-made stickers where you just check boxes like they do up here? I'm wondering how that guy got out of grade school...

  4. ...He did. He's a graduate of Bob Jones U. Ask him to recite the entire Gospel of Mark.

  5. Anonymous10:49 PM

    O_o that's something else.

  6. Heather! Where have you been. Lurking again? Anywho, I know. Smart, he's not.

    Oh, Lifey, it just amuses me more than you know as to how paranoid you are about the stinky penis thing.

    Kat - And where have you been? I've missed you! Yes, we have stickers, but I'm sure our UPS guy doesn't use them because he probably keeps trying to lick them and doesn't like the taste. The scary thing is, he drives. A really big truck.

    SI - You're probably right. He does have that born-again look.

    Claudia - Dontcha wanna come live down here with me?

  7. Slacking...big time slacking...