October 26, 2006

Fish Poop = Nutritious Goodness.

The small town we live in has an ordinance that doesn't allow any form of merriment, and has about 10 job opportunities. (Actually, we don't live in the town..we're about 5 miles outside of it which puts us dead center of bum fuck. ) So, Thomas and I both work and play in Fayetteville, which is about 25 miles from our house. Now, Fayetteville has its good points. It still has somewhat of a "free-thinkers" subculture which makes me quite happy. I have found some cool shops, and even managed to locate one or two good restaurants. But, one of the downsides to Fayetteville is that about 80% of the time, the water completely and utterly sucks. And, not just a little bit. It sucks, well, a great big buttload. 80% of the time, the water tastes like part of the treatment process involves dumping large amounts of potting soil into the water.

When I first moved to this area and experienced the potting soil flavored water, I asked one of my fellow diners what the hell was wrong with the water. His reply was that the "lake had turned". What? I grew up in a city, and know of no such phenomenon. So, I looked up what happens when a lake turns. Fascinating reading, really. Well, fascinating if you're really bored.

What amazes me about the whole water tasting like dirt thing, is that that the people here are just so lackadaisical about it. They just take it in stride like their water tasting like dirt is perfectly okay with them. I am not like these people. My concern is that if the water treatment facility can't manage to get the taste of dirt out of the water, what else do they leave in? Fish turds anyone? How about a little water with lemon and just a hint of human waste? Mmmmmm. Yumminess, itself.

You know what the funny thing is (and I mean funny in a completely seventh grade way), the lake that Fayetteville gets its water from is Beaver Lake.

I reek maturity sometimes, don't I?

Take Care,
The Bablatrice - who strongly suggests you don't drink the water.

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