October 19, 2006

Church Signs and Pickled Okra

Do you know that this week I've managed to get ZERO pieces of art completed? Of course you didn't know that. How could you know that? I mean, yeah sure, now you know, because I just told you, but until then you didn't know, did you? If you did, that means that you're either stalking me, or you're in my head, and neither of those could be very pleasant for you.

Things I've Experienced This Week:

  • A woman and her two sons eating pickled okra out of the jar while waiting in line at the grocery store. Pickled okra...out of the jar...while the jar was still on the conveyor belt. This pretty much sums up the small town I live in.
  • One of the commentators on our local NPR station try to say, "make a smart investment", but instead, it came out, "make a fart (slight giggle) er..smart investment"
  • Subway restaurant employees that were friendly. And they smiled. And they even looked me directly in the eyes and then they greeted me! Eye contact AND a greeting??? Do you know how rare this is? I felt as though I was wrapped in a warm cocoon of fresh baked bread and pure joy.
  • That people can be catty, men and women included, and it's just not very attractive. It's not nice, either.

And now it's time for, Church Sign O' the Week. Actually, this week there are 2. Bonus!

"The only ghost here is holy." See? They even have to be pious about their ghosts. Oh wait, do you think they were having a go at a little Halloween humor? Do you think they were talking about the Holy Ghost? As in, the third guy on the right in all the trinity photos? And, is this considered blasphemy of the Holy Ghost? Because, as an ex-Christian, I know that blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is the one thing that will for sure guarantee me a direct route to you-know-where. And, going to you-know-where is definitely on my to-do list.


"Dear Father, can you hear me now?" This is on the church whose signs usually try to tie in with current trends. But, um, church sign guy...the whole "can you hear me now" thing has been dead for some time. Do you people have to try and resurrect everything?

Take Care,

The Bablatrice - who has a lot to talk about in therapy tomorrow.

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