July 15, 2009

Under the Influence and In the News

Nevada native Sean Smith was feelin' a bit tense, and decided that a nice blend of LSD and weed would be just the thing to take away all his cares and woes. Sean then decided that to further decrease his stress level, he should take a leisurely stroll down the highway. Naked. While claiming he was the Terminator. Unfortunately, his little bubble of bliss was popped when the police caught up with him and tasered him in front of a group of children.

In other news, Clayton Ernest Adams, who hails from Crestview, Fl, is doomed to suffer from a horrible malady which makes him a complete moron when he drinks. Police were called to a domestic disturbance call at Clayton's blessed abode which he shares with his beloved wife, Clarice Janette. I actually have no idea what his wife's name is. I just think Clayton Ernest and Clarice Janette sound right together. Anyway, the police were needed because Clayton complained that Clarice had locked him inside his truck. Inside. As in, inside the fucking truck. Poor Clayton Ernest had to break a window to get out.

Big Kisses,


  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Please tell me Clayton has been castrated. I can't imagine a bunch of li'l Clays running naked down the road in a few years.

  2. Wow...just wow. I want to know how much the police laughed at Clayton.

  3. Sounds like the Seaninator really knows how to have a good time. Do Nevada police have special child taser crews?