July 7, 2009

Just Call My Name and I'll Be There

It's bad enough that I have to keep up with Jesus and his mother popping up in various and assorted objects, but now guess who's starting to make appearances? Michael Jackson.

Felix Garcia of Stockton, California is claiming that he's seen the image of Michael in a tree stump.

I hate to tell you this, Felix, but that's not the King O' Pop. That's an angry Monchichi and you'd better hope it doesn't break free from it's stump. Seriously, dude, it will jack your shit up. Look how evil Monchichis are.

Scary little fuckers, aren't they?

Michael then hopped the Afterlife Express to Lajeado, Brazil so he could show up in a greasy pan. I dunno why he'd pick a greasy pan in Brazil. He was a very strange man and I cannot explain his reasoning.

Te Amo,


  1. Diana Stackhouse12:48 PM

    He's like, "OMG, finally greasy food!"...time to take part like his good friend, Marlon Brando. I think they're kickin' it on the beach in Cuba right now ;)

  2. Hmm, okay, sadly, I can actually see MJ in the greasy pan...but the tree stump? Um, not so much.

    Sorry about the job. I hope you have moved somewhere fun. If I were up on my blog reading I might have been able to harass you last week when I was on forced vacation.

  3. I suspect only the burnt on grease could match Michael's geri-curl texture or whatever he switched to after the Pepsi commercial incident. In the afterlife, you still gotta work with what you got.

  4. Diana - I wish I could join them. Well, alive - not dead.

    Kathleen - I can see MJ in the pan, too. I'm still unemployed. It's not so bad. I spent part of the afternoon poolside and the rest of it messing around on the computer.

    Dan - You're going to hell for that. Well, that and a handful or two of other things.

  5. Looks like a kind of pirate MJ in the grease - or else he's got a shiner.

    What the fuck has Monchichi got his lips wrapped around? I shudder to guess.

  6. Fwig - I'll bet it's a black eye. There's gotta be somebody in the afterlife who doesn't like him very much. As far as the monchichi goes. I don't want to know what the spawn of Satan is sucking on, either.

  7. As genetically predisposed as we humans are to recognize and respond to faces, I do not see anything but a crack in the wood stump. Could some one kindly point MJ's eyes, nose, lips,etc/ I yam blind.

  8. R - It's okay, I can't see anything other than a cracked stump, either. I guess you and I just don't have enough faith.

  9. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I think the stump looks like the south end of a cat, the puckerie part. Do you know what people do in Greece on their birthdays?

    Slide around... ba da bump!

  10. Anonymous3:56 PM


    I like your new getup. It looks a bit familiar...

  11. Carla - You always make me laugh!

    Chappy - This layout is the closest one I could get to match the new Flumadiddle website I'm building.