June 16, 2009

Space Oddity

Those fun-lovin', nutty right-wingers over at One News Now are in one helluva self-righteous flap. Why the tizzy? Because that godless assemblage of bastard-type, space-loving, hell-bound, rocket-riding degenerates collectively known as NASA is supporting Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. Holy slippery Christ on a greased up trampoline, people!

I'm not sure if I should start with the fact that ONN decided that this graphic of a fudge covered space shuttle would be the best clip art for the article, or that the dude who wrote it is named Charlie Butts.

Smell that? That, my friends, is the aroma of maturity and I reek of it.

I suppose I really can't blame ONN for having their nuts in a lather over this. We all know that this is just one more step in homosexuals taking over the world solar system universe (which has been their diabolical plan all along). They're already stepping things up. You know how there used to be a gay agenda? Well, that wasn't spreading the gay fast enough so it's actually mutated into a disease. That's right. We now have...

The Gay is an airborne disease and is spread by Air Supply songs and by making direct eye contact with anyone named Charlie Butts.

Your face masks are futile. Taste the rainbow, bitches!

Much Love,

Babs - who doesn't really think any of you are a bitch. Well, except for YOU. You know who you are.


  1. Ever wonder about Pancho and the Cisco Kid? Un, you may not actually be old enough to remember this old 50's television show, The Cisco Kid was very handsome and Pancho, his side kick, giggled a lot. R

  2. R - Your comment made me giggle a lot. What does that say about me?

  3. Air Supply? As my sweetie would say, "Honey. Please."

    Okay, you must; simply MUST read this: http://tag.angryminority.com/?p=183

    It's the funniest damn thing on a blog that is not Flumadiddle. Mostly a-cause of the picture.

    Now excuse me, I must go recruit some chilluns...

  4. Oh and regarding One News Now.

    That's there one news? And there won't be another?


  5. Fwigmalion - <---Nice name, huh? I read the link. Holy shit! That is awesome.

    Have I not taught you anything? You don't have to go to the trouble of recruiting - just sneeze on the little bastards.

  6. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Has the gay pandemic come to a neighborhood near me yet? I thought I just had allergies, but maybe....?