November 22, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Use Facebook

After reading an article about Pastor Cedric Miller's view on Facebook, I'm demanding that Facebook change it's name to "Fornicationbook".  Yes, it's a tad wordier, but hella more appropriate.  You see, kids, Cedric believes that seemingly innocent re-connecting with old friends and flames on Facebook leads to adultery and and all manner of debauchery.  I have to agree with him.  Facebook is a den of iniquity that is teeming with the allure of high school exes and hookups that never happened.  And it makes my naughty parts tingle every single fucking time I sign on. 

I guess I just have a lot of fortitude, because god in heaven knows how tempting it is to want to hook up with the ex-boyfriend who gave me slobbery kisses in the backseat of a '73 Plymouth Duster while clumsily trying to cop a feel of my boobs.  And the fact that we haven't seen each other in over 20 years and probably don't have a goddamn thing in common makes an affair even MORE alluring.  Sweet merciful lord save me!

But enough about me. 

Let's get back to Pastor Cedric.  Not only did Cedric claim that Facebook was a "portal to infidelity", he even demanded that his church leaders delete their Facebook accounts or resign from their positions. 

Speaking of positions, I wonder which one Cedric was in when he and his wife had a three-way affair with a church member a few years ago. 

A male church member.

Yes Sirree Bob!  After delivering his Facebook sermon, it was revealed that ol' Ced was getting his kink on in a little holy trinity of his own. 

Well, A-fucking-men and pass the anal lube!

You can read about Cedric here  and here

Big wet sloppy kisses and boob grabs,

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