August 4, 2010

Not Your Mother's Sears

Tim Wildmon, Chief Twatwaffle of the American Family Association, is at it again. This time he has his knickers in a knot because Sears sells posters with naked women on them. How pissed is he?

Pissed enough that he took the time to place the posters on the AFA website. Of course, he blurred out the model's naughty bits so as to not cause our eyes to burst into flames the minute we laid eyes on a pair of bare boobies.

Here's what Tim had to say about the posters, "These aren't just posters of scantily-clad women. Some of them depict groups of people, lesbians and others engaged in ***ual activities. Very little is left to the imagination."

Do you think Tim always speaks in asterisks?

I'm sure that his whole deal with putting the posters on the AFA website was explained away as research. I mean, Jesus himself probably told Tim to look at the posters of nude women and then rub his mouse around and around and around their girl parts to blur them out. He probably even had to do it several times to make sure he got it right. It's a good thing you can use the blur tool in Photoshop with just one hand, huh?

From now on, research=wank time!

What I want to know did Tim find these pics anyway? Hmmmm....

Here is the original story.

Big naked hugs!


  1. LOL this is great! I am LMAO! I love how it take 3 clicks to get to the pictures- lol Way to make it dramatic and naughty! HAHA Your blog is awesome!! I am hooked! ;-) How nice of them to share those lovely pics! hahahhaha

  2. Lori - I liked the 3 click thing, too. I'm sure that with each click, Tim feels naughtier and naughtier. I'm so happy you like the blog! Thank you.

  3. Everybody does "research" and that's why we are atheist-cause religion takes us away from what is natural...including "research."


  4. Kriss - Very true. I do a lot of research. I mean, for the blog, of course.

  5. HEE-larious. I am ashamed at how immature he is to use asterisks for the word "SEX" i didnt know it is one of those naughty words : D