July 19, 2007

Don't Look Now, But There's an Angel Peeing on You.

What's That up in the Sky?

Well, according to
Pastor Glenn Fulton and his wife Linda, it's not a bird, a plane or Superman. It's one of god's little helpers. It's an angel! Have a look see for yourself.

Well. I personally couldn't say what an angel looks like seeing how I've never been introduced to one, but I think the image looks more like the Grinch or Mr. Mistoffelees.

Anyway, the good pastor Fulton stated that this was proof that god existed! Holy cloud faces, Batman! That's absolutely brilliant. All it takes to prove there's a god is a few cloud bits and pieces that have arranged to form a face. Well, praise Jesus and pass the biscuits. I'm glad that whole god thing has been settled.

A Cuppa Tea Pee Fixes Everything

Are your sinuses clogged? Bothered by pesky allergies? Suffer from alligator skin? Cancer? Leprosy? Well, have I got the cure for you. Well, actually Liz Gray, has the cure for you. What's the miracle cure? Your very own urine. Pee-pee. Wizz. Piss. Liz swears that when she started using her own urine in her Neti pot, her allergies were cured! And you won't find anyone calling Liz "Lizard Lady". There's nary a spot of dry skin on her body. You know why? Because she rubs pee all over her skin. Her own pee. On her skin. The woman rubs her own urine on her skin. In fact, Liz has even started drinking her own pee because it's said to cure all manner of illness.

I'll be Liz smells a lot like....well...pee. And I'm wondering if she drinks her pee warm or does she ice it down. Maybe she adds a little yogurt and makes a Piss Punch Smoothie. Yummy!

I'm all for using natural cures and beauty stuff and such, but I draw the line at using my own pee. There's a reason it comes OUT of my body. And I'm a firm believer that if anything comes out of your body, it should stay out. Unless it's your spleen or something. It should probably be tucked back into place.

Just Because Fwig Asked

http://ramurie.jukeboxalive.com/ You have to make sure your pop-up blocker is off, should you have one. And don't mind the crappy recording. I'm sure it sounds much worse in person.

Take Care,


  1. I watched a program on the Travel channel or Discovery, can't remember which, but somewhere in South America the people wash their hair with pee. Nasty!

  2. You know, after suffering with this sinus infection / post-nasal drip / whateverthehellthisis for nearly two years and finding no relief with the meds or sprays I've been prescribed, it's very tempting. Utterly disgusting, but tempting. I have a Neti pot, and the rest...well, I'm pretty sure I can track down somewhere.
    Nice tunes, btw. I've always wished I could play like that. I can do a mean "chopsticks" though.

  3. You know, if you extend the selected area downward and toward the left of the photo, it looks like that "angel" is riding on a broomstick.

    Is that a mode of transportation mentioned in the bible?

  4. Oh dear heavens, the cloud is too much. I thought it looked amazingly enough like...um, well, you know...a CLOUD!!!

    I had seen the Pee Lady linked elsewhere and when I saw she drank her own pee, I clicked right back. I'm with you...it leaves your body for a friggin' reason!!! I think I'll leave my urine in the toilet - well, until I flush it down, of course.

    BTW, I finally got around to my 8 Amazing Facts About Myself or more likely, 8 Not Really Very Interesting Facts About Myself. ;-)

    I'd rather drink emnfzqsr.

  5. I could hardly read this without gagging. eeuuuwwww.
    I love your music, quite nice!

  6. Blown away.



    Excuse me, I have to go listen again.

  7. Okay, at the risk of sounding like a pathetic romantic emotional boob - I just have to say - that I'm a pathetic romantic emotional boob. And the September song made me tear up. Just a bit. I don't know why. The Sicilian Cafe song only made me want to stick a Milano coffee bean up my nose but don't be alarmed. I always feel like doing that anyway.

    The cloud looked to me like a cloud. Or perhaps a white chocolate easter bunny - which is not real chocolate of course.

    Perhaps god is made of fake chocolate.

    I wrote a scene where heroes piss on sacks and wrap them around their face in order to filter the poison breath of evil gorgon bulls so they wouldn't turn to stone. It was a serious scene. No joke. The science is valid. granted, the existence of magic gorgon bulls presumably is not.

    The music knocked me out of my kedtz.

  8. I loved September's Song. I want a whole CD of that...I think it would help me sleep at night because it was so beautiful and relaxing. And for the record, I generally can't stand solo piano music. You are now in an elite group (of two) of pianists that I like. The other being John Sheard (I think that's how he spells his name).

  9. Diana - What the hell good does washing your hair with pee do? I just don't get it. Who wants to go around with their hair smelling faintly of urine?

    Dave - My sinuses get bad, too...but I just don't think I could snort my own pee.

    And, thanks. I love me some Chopsticks.

    Ex- Let's see...chariot of fire, ass...hmmm..don't recall any broomsticks, though. It might make for more interesting reading, though.

    Kathleen - Thanks! I'll see what I can do about a CD of soothing music.

    Carla - Quite nasty, huh? And, thanks!

    Fwig - You are just too kind. The funny thing is, when my buddy Stace heard that song, he teared up a little, too.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has the urge to stick Milano coffee beans up their nose. I don't feel quite so alone in this big ol' world.

    I happen to believe in magic gorgon bulls. I do believe. I do belive.