September 11, 2006

Random Generator #1

Today I'm going to share a smattering of randomness. And, I'm hearing "smattering of randomness" in the voice of a drag queen.

It rained this morning. Of course, it rained hard while I was driving into work, but then as soon as I parked myself at my desk, it turned into the soft, gentle, stay in bed and watch old movies rain.

Last night I had a dream that included a soap opera, swinging from hanging PVC pipes, jellied pork and a very nice Oriental gentleman who found a walnut, scratched it and subsequently turned into the squirrel from Ice Age.

Thomas and I went to see Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. By the way, Lyle, you're not fooling anyone...we all know that your "Large Band" is a euphemism for your very large hair. Nice try, buddy. Anyway, the concert was phenomenal...outdoors...perfect weather. I loved it. Until the part where I was once again reminded that I lived in Arkansas, and in a college town. Lyle mentioned the upcoming game between Arkansas and whoever the other team was. Then, the aforementioned crowd started "calling the hogs". If you've never had the pleasure of hearing this, here is your chance. At this point in the concert, I wanted to hide under my lightweight, plastic, fold-up chair.

I'd planned some photos of all the thrifty goodness I've bought in the last week, but then sheer laziness took over. Maybe next time.

I promise, readers, that I will never use the word "pop" in the context of anything remotely like this: "I've added cranberry red throw pillows to the sofa, and they really make it "pop". Just typing it made me vomit in my mouth a little.

I heard an ice cream truck today, but I can't place the song it was playing. It wasn't your typical ice cream truck song. It was slightly if it were calling all of the zombie children to come out and enjoy some frozen treats.

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