June 15, 2008

Queen of the Road

Well, it's only a few more days until I leave for vacation, and fuck me, I can't wait! If nothing else just to get out of this god-forsaken place I live.

Speaking of, since my daughter graduated last month, I no longer have strings attached to Arkansas. Which means I am free to roam the country. I can live wherever I want. I don't even have to live in the US. I could move to Micronesia or something.

But I need a little help with planning my move and that's where all of you come in. I need you guys to tell me how it is where you live and if it sounds good to me, who knows? I could be your new neighbor! Wouldn't that be fun? Alright, I promise not to move in next door to any of you, but across town wouldn't be so bad, would it?

So, how about it? Where should I live and why?

Take Care,

June 5, 2008


Here's a quick update on what's been going on in my life.

1. Work is driving me crazy.
2. I'm not dating anymore.
3. We're having a pirate party at the office night and I'm wearing a somewhat slutty costume. I'm also planning on calling everyone "scurvy dogs" all night. Arrgh!
4. I've started working out. As in weight training, and my trainer is this guy named Thomas. You know - I used to be married to him and his penis. I'm pretty sure he's getting me back for all the times I mentioned his penis on my blog, because he really digs it when I'm in pain.
5. I've stopped smoking, or at least paused - I'm not sure which, yet. Hopefully stopped.
6. Work is driving me crazy.
7. I'm going on a 10-day trip to Florida and I'm taking my daughter and her best friend. We leave the 20th of this month. I can't wait.
8. Work is driving me so crazy that I want to just say, "fuck it" and walk out the door.
9. I'm eating healthy food.
10. If I am to believe my spam folder, I've been picked at least 429 times to be a mystery shopper.
11. I've come across a bunch of goofy ass news pieces that I want to write about, but I don't have the brain power.
12. The vacation I'm taking is my first real vacation in 4 years. Four years and no vacation. No wonder I'm going nuts.
13. I miss you guys.

Take Care,